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Wauchope Arts is always happy to welcome new members. The benefits are as varied as the entertainment.

Below are some testimonials from members of Wauchope Arts as well as the costs and benefits of becoming a member and a choice of online or downloadable membership forms.

If you want to join Wauchope Arts and share your energy and creativity come to our monthly meeting 2nd Thursday of every month at 5.30pm at the arts hall or introduce yourself to us at an event.


Note Memberships are valid until 30 April, with 1 year or three year membership terms available.
Membership to Wauchope Community Arts Council entitles you to:

  • Discounts @ WCAC events
  • Access to the Arts
  • A warm inner glow
Membership Cost - 1 year Membership Cost - 3 year
$15.00 for individuals $30.00 for individuals
$20.00 for couples $40.00 for couples
$25.00 for families $50.00 for families



Download a membership form by clicking here. Payment can be made by direct deposit or by cheque or money order posted to:

Wauchope Arts
(note: this is the address for sending cheques/money orders only)
PO Box 170
Wauchope NSW 2446


Are you someone that doesn't want to become a member but still would like the email reminders to tell you when things are on?
Just click here.

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